Ruffle ‘on’


One of my favourite textural elements is the ruffle, which is said to have gained populariy in the 1500s. The ruffle might have originated in simpliciy, yet, it managed to showcase a flair for indulgence. A case in point are the ruffled collars of the Elizabethan era. Here’s an interesting article on the popularity of this element and the evolution from the use of detachable ruffled collars to the use of ties.

While I enjoy this element when it is incorporated in a garment, I did have the desire to add it as part of the home decor. A few years ago, I had seen an interesting ruffled felt cushion cover. So, I dug up the archives on my laptop and took inspiration for this blue felt cushion, a must-do project for a very long time. Here’s the link to the project that inspired me.



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