Hi there! My name is Judith. I live in India and have been an enthusiastic crafter for many years. I am a business graduate, a communications consultant and a teacher.

While, I loved crafting as a child, it was only in 2008 that I started to make it part of my daily practice. In 2007, my husband was posted to a conflict-ridden area in the North of India and I needed to occupy my worrying mind with something really creative. So, once my work day got over, my evenings would be filled with crafts like embroidery, knitting, crochet, and origami. I developed an innate fascination with yarns, fabrics, threads, dyes, paper, and almost anything that could be used to create something.

I would also love to research a craft, keep up with the trends in that industry/community and search for traditional knowledge. My travels to distant places, often remote and silent, helped me in my crafting journey. I found time to reflect and organise. I learnt new crafts on YouTube and through various tutorials on many wonderful blogs.

I  have also found strong support from the women in my life – all my mothers in different forms. My husband has been wonderful in his encouragement even though he sometimes feigns exasperation at all my crafting supplies. But, when I show him a finished product, his expression says it all.

As I move to different places, I attempt to weave stories with my craft and to share my experiences. I hope that you will join me on my crafting road trip.